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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 1. Cover Sheet and Disclosures.PDF   2013-05-17 16:17:301,635 Kb
 2. JCP Combined Report.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:311,819 Kb
 3. Preliminary Title Report.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:16174 Kb
 4a. Recorded Easement.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:20625 Kb
 4b. Acreage Map.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:21661 Kb
 4c. Tract Map.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:21381 Kb
 5. Property Inspection Report.PDF   2013-05-17 16:18:0517,174 Kb
 6. Termite Inspection Report.pdf   2013-05-17 16:17:30131 Kb
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