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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 CCR1.pdf   2014-06-11 17:25:113,514 Kb
 CCR2.pdf   2014-06-11 17:16:02185 Kb
 CLUE Report.pdf   2014-06-11 17:15:2951 Kb
 Disclosures with Receipt for Documents.pdf   2014-06-12 17:50:44980 Kb
 HOA Articles.pdf   2014-06-11 17:30:36142 Kb
 HOA BM CC&R's.pdf   2014-06-11 17:32:323,045 Kb
 HOA BM Litigation Settled.pdf   2014-06-11 17:33:088 Kb
 HOA BUDGET AND FINANCIALS.pdf   2014-06-11 20:30:282,919 Kb
 HOA ByLaws.pdf   2014-06-11 20:31:121,094 Kb
 HOA INSURANCE.pdf   2014-06-11 20:32:04263 Kb
 HOA MINUTES AND NEWSLETTERS.pdf   2014-06-11 20:32:303,022 Kb
 HOA RULES.pdf   2014-06-11 17:27:302,098 Kb
 Home Inspection.pdf   2014-06-11 17:15:05980 Kb
 JCP Report.pdf   2014-06-11 17:12:27918 Kb
 Pest Inspection.pdf   2014-06-11 17:10:531,072 Kb
 Prelim.pdf   2014-06-12 17:54:315,185 Kb
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